Held on the 6th floor of Rectorate UB, Workshop and Training on Writing and Publishing Articles for International Scientific Journal was aimed to improve the motivation and ability in writing and publishing scientific articles in international journals. It was attended by 36 lecturers from all faculties of Brawijaya University. Participants had already prepared their respective scientific articles to be consulted with appointed advisors in accordance with the suitability of their majors.

On day one, the agenda mainly consisted of seminars divided into four sessions, namely:

  1. Writing and Publishing Articles for International Scientific Journal by Prof. Eko Handayanto from Faculty of Agriculture
  2. Good and Correct English for Writing and Publishing Articles in International Scientific Journal by Prof. Francien Herlen Tomasowa from Faculty of Culture Science
  3. The Use of Bibliography Softwares by Widodo, Ph.D from Faculty of MIPA
  4. Procedure of Publishing Article in Online or E-Journals by Dodi Wirawan I, Ph.D from Faculty of Economy

On day two, participants were expected to analyze two examples of scientific articles related to their major, to present both the weakness and strength, and to give suggestion how to improve them. Discussion and supervision of participants’ articles followed afterward. In the end, participants were expected to revise their articles and submit them in international journals.

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