This activity was held regarding the number of participants from Medical Faculty which was more than 30 participants. It took place in Senate Room, 6th floor of Medical Faculty with the aim of improving the motivation and ability in writing and publishing scientific articles in international journals. Therefore, participants were required to submit their respective scientific articles a few weeks before the event so that it could be revised by appointed advisors in accordance with the suitability of their majors.

Due to a number of limitations, workshop and training only occurred in one day. Prof.Dr.Ir.Wani Utomo, the head of PPIKID, talked in the first session about “Good Writing in Scientific Articles”. The second presenter, Dr. Marjuki, M.Sc, delivered “Tips and Tricks to Submit Scientific Articles”. Then Widodo, Ph.D, as the last speaker, showed “How to Use Bibliography Software” and asked participants to have a short practice.

Considering the short time of the workshop and training, participants and advisors were expected to continue the process of reviewing and revising within and after the activity had been conducted. In the end of activity, Prof.Dr.Ir.Wani Utomo encouraged participants to submit their articles in international journals as the real output of the workshop and training.

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