Under the new management of PPIKID, it is expected to provide better service to stakeholders, one of which is the availability of information regarding the incentives as the reward for qualified publication. Thus, Prof. Sukir Maryanto, as the PPIKID head, suggested an idea to release an application which would facilitate all lecturers and other related units in accessing the information. He said, “this application will be very helpful not only to prevent double funding of the same publication, but also can be an additional information for overall database in regard with publication.”

“Lecturers who intend to submit their document can be updated the progress of their documents at any time and place since it is available online,” added he. “This application will make the administrative procedure more efficient.”

The workshop was attended by PPIKID team to concept the SOP and TIK team to design the application. It was held in Pohon Inn for two days on November 26-27, 2021.

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