Evaluation of International Seminar

Since 1989, General Directorate of Higher Education (Ditjen Dikti) has granted research fund through various competitive programs. These programs have been reformulated as responses to researchers and stakeholders, as well as the advances of science, technology, art and culture.

In 2014, the research grant is divided into two groups. They are Decentralization Research and National Competitive Research. Based on this policy, one of researcher’s obligations is to disseminate research findings through scientific periodicals and meetings. The identity of researcher will be enhanced when the research findings is delivered in prestigious international scientific forum, namely scientific seminars and publication in international scientific journals.

In delivering their presentations in prestigious international forum, lecturers/researcher generally meet difficulties regarding the expensive registration fee, travelling expenses, accomodation, and consumption. Therefore, PPIKID UB provides facilitation such as financial funding for researchers/lecturers to present their scientific articles as the research finding at scientific meetings in international level.

Bagan Alir Seminar_001 Bagan Alir Seminar_002

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