Evaluation of International Publication

The aims of giving a reward are to promote and to motivate lecturers so that they will always be productive in developing knowledge particularly in publishing scientific articles in international level journals. Based on this method, it is expected that lecturers, as professionals, will produce and publish more scientific articles.

Administering incentive is the implementation of Rector’s Form Letters both No. 0552/J10/AK/2007 issued on February 28, 2007 about Funding Program for Improving the Lecturer’s and Administration Officer’s Quality and No. 2284/UN.10/LL/2011 issued on May 19, 2011. It revises the previous letter No. 2559a/J10/LL/2009 issued on July 28, 2009 about Standard Operational Procedures to Propose Scientific Article Publication and that of International Seminar Support.

In this program, there will be a revision in Rector’s Form Letters No. 2284/UN.10/LL/2011 issued on May 19, 2011 to be adjusted with today’s condition and need.

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