Dear Lecturers of Brawijaya University as Participants of Training and Workshop in Writing and Publishing Articles 2014

Due to technical reason, hereby we are sorry to inform that there are some changes regarding the time and venue for two workshops (previously 10-11 June 2013 and 12-13 June 2014, at Agrowisata Hotel, Batu). The two events will be held altogether as follows:

Day, Time: Monday-Tuesday, 9-10 June 2014

Venue: Oryza Hall (Day 1) , Banana & Apple Rooms (Day 2), UB Hotel

For further details such as schedule, and list of participants, please download [Invitation Letter]. To request the mobile number/email of respected reviewers, please email us at

We do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.


Head of Committee


Prof..Ir.Wani Hadi Utomo,PhD

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