Internal Audit

The internal audit was performed by Pusat Jaminan Mutu Universitas Brawijaya (PJM UB), through the Quality Internal Audit (AIM) UKPPA.

Cycle 6

PPIKID was firstly audited on October 9, 2013.  The auditors in charge were Achmad Wicaksono,Ir.,M.Eng.,PhD and Yudie Wiro Eko Setyawan,S.Si.

The scope of AIM UKPPA Cycle 6 in 2013 were:

1. Corrective Action based on the previous AIM UKPPA,
2. Corrective Action based on Surveillance ISO 9001:2008 by LRQA,
3. Implementation of SPMI based on ISO 9001:2008,
4. Implementation of SPMI based on Prime Service,
5. Implementation of Website Standard in each Work Unit

Since it was our first to be audited, there were 24 discrepancies found in PPIKID namely 5 old and 19 new findings mainly related to the Quality Manual, Compulsory Manuals, Customer’s Satisfaction and Complaint, Prime Service, as well as Website Content.


Cycle 7

AIM UKPPA Cycle 7 for PPIKID UB was held at PPIKID room, 2nd floor of Rectorate Building and attended by 2 auditors fromPJM namely Prof.Dr.Surachman, MSiE  and Yudie Wiro Eko Setyawan, S.Si, the Secretarty of PPKID and staff.

In this audit sesion, PPIKID had corrected some findings from the previos cycle last year. The corrections were made namely improving the mutu manual, the website content in terms of organization structure and flowcharts of our services. Besides, we revised some of our procedure manuals, i.e. complaint management, customer satisfaction. We also improved ourself in noting the result of our regular meetings, and doing the job analysis, and listing the inventory. In total, we could close 15 of 25 findings.

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