After issuing its first volume in August 2012, APMBA-(Asia-Pacific Management and Business Application) International Journal opened a meeting with Phil L.Ramsey who acts as the one of International Editorial Advisory Board of APMBA. It took place in Meeting Room of Management Major at Faculty of Management and Business, University of Brawijaya on October 4, 2012. The attendees were Dr.Dodi Wirawan Irawanto-the Editor in Chief of APMBA, editorial assistants, and local editorial board of APMBA.

This meeting would serve as a commitment of APMBA to maintain its performance and quality in the future. As stated by Phil, “Starting a new journal will be a challenge for its Editor in Chief and team to build a reputation. The reputation counts upon the editorial board, particularly Dr.Dodi, to set the standard of articles to be published. The better reputation will surely attract many good articles to come.” However, he continues that setting a high standard is not easy. “A new journal will get more pressure than that of recognized ones, ” he added.

To close the meeting, Dr.Dodi said that he and his team had started the selection of new articles for the next issue in December. He also expressed his gratitude to those, namely PPIKID and FEB UB, who support the establishment of APMBA.

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